4 OCTOBER 2019


Gandhiji once truly said,” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
On 4 October 2019,two days after celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of this great world leader the enthusiastic young interacts put up their annual
“Eco Friendly Diwali Delights Sale.”

The preparation for this grand annual event started long before and the interacts started preparing all the items to be sold.

The items on sale were hand crafted and all the purchasing was done keeping in mind the need to uplift the economically weaker section.

The diyas were brought to the school by Rtn.Ankur Jain from ladies in Rajasthan to help in their sale.The diyas were then decorated and packed by the interacts.

The interacts also sold pairs of Happy Diwali greetings “Shubh-labh” which were handcrafted by the young interacts.They put primer,painted,decorated and packed all of these as one unified team.

The interacts also sold hand made envelopes at the sale.
The interacts got cloth bags prepared by ladies at Sewa Bharti.

This instilled in the interacts a feeling of helpfulness.
All the items were sold at very reasonable prices.This activity helped the club members unify and work as one big family.

The sale of the products helped the interacts receive the quality of bussiness dealing.
The sale was a huge success and the club celebrated this success with the feeling of pride and happiness when they saw the profit earned being used by the Cabinet members and the teachers for helping the little children and ladies at Sewa Bharti.

The occasion was graced by the presence of some young Rotracts Namita,Mayank and Isha from district 3012

This annual diwali delights sale is one of the most awaited events of the interact club of DLDAV PITAM PURA.This event always leaves the young interacts beaming with pride and gratitude.

The interacts realize that real fulfillment only comes from helping others.
“If you light a lamp for somebody it also brightens your path”
Gautam Buddha.

Sambhaav 2019 beams with success and happiness.
Prosperous Diwali everybody.😊😊


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