International Exchange

Russian exchange 2019


“It feels good to be lost in right direction”
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME, 2019 conducted by DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL gave the interacts the opportunity to accept this quote. 13 interacts under guidance of respected teachers,went to Russia from 1st-8th October,2019.

The trip was so amazing that a whole book can be easily written on it. With the blessings of almighty god, the interacts got lovely host families who co-operated everywhere, whether it was vegetarian food or exploring city or making them feel comfortable. Except of the fact that Russia is one of the best destination, Russian people are also sweet. Russians made us learn values like punctuality, hospitality.

It is said that,
‘It is not where you travel; it’s who you travel with.’
the teachers were were really caring and did their best to make rhe interacts feel comfortable and enjoy to the fullest. Sincere thanks to respected Principal Ma’am. To sum up,
‘I cannot think of anything,
That excites a greater sense of childlike wonder,
Than to be in a country
Where you are ignorant of almost everything…’

And also we represented interact club on an international platform and gave them recycled notebooks which were made during PATRIKA PROJECT as a token of gratitude and also show cased our concern towards the environment.It was truly a bliss.



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